In Bloom

March 03, 2017

Breaking news I believe Spring has officially arrived at Casa Sol y Luna. The fragrant bouquet of floral that wisp along the breeze with the birdsong is truly intoxicating. I truly feel alive again!

Sun is shining
 the weather is sweet
make you wanna move
your dancing feet

~ Bob Marley ~

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  1. What gorgeous photos! It's Spring here in Houston for sure - we really didn't even have winter this year!

  2. Spring is dancing for you, indeed! I love the palm so much, it looks like blooming fire on green. :-)

  3. I used to have that purple bush in the front of the housing development of our last home. It's so pretty. Yes, a little bit of sun for us, but I think it's supposed to rain again. Your blooms are pretty, Holly, and I really like that last picture.


  4. Lovely shots there...Old man winter is clinging to us here in the Northeast. But it won't be long now! Aloha!



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