Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Playing Peek A Boo

The sun beckons us to come out of slumber and spread our wings from months of introspective hibernation in our shelters.

The plumage of our ancestral messenger displays a hope of blooms to come. So it is that February's chill is giving away to Spring.

Monday, February 13, 2017

As The River Rises

The weather this Sunday was splendid with sunshine and a hint of spring. We decided to take a family date to celebrate Valentines to our own downtown a.k.a. "Old Sacramento". Due to the constant rain the rivers are rising and creeping precariously close to history. The old city flooded out in 1850, 1852, and 1862 which lead to the whole town being elevated. As my feet absorb the cobblestone and my footsteps creak the planks I'm back to the Wild West and transcend into a bygone era. We discovered a bit of history along our excursion which I will share in future post. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Gypsy By The Sea

Here in Northern California it has been non stop rain for over a week. As I sit curled up in a warm cozy blanket with an era transcending book, sipping on aromatic tea, my mind wanders to sun kissed days filled with salty sea air. For now I must wait for the seasons to change and travel opportunities to arise.

 Recently I was asked to share a vision of my dream living room. The above collection  reflects the textures, tones and elements that are natures beauty of the coast. Hathi gold beaded pillows are the perfect bohemi element to add to any sofa or to make a cushy back to the antique cream iron chair. Imagine the sun glistening off the Taza hanging pendant during the day and at night a warm glow illuminates the wall. A river stone bowl is perfect for holding your treasures, coins, or perhaps for burning cone incense. What a swirl of sand and water this Zara Tibetan rug brings to mind. The bleached root coffee table brings the outdoor zen inside, a perfect way to stay rooted and connected to the world outside your home. This living room vision speaks to me as being a
Gypsy By The Sea

 All these furnishings and more can be found  at ARHAUS.

Ocean Photo Credit: Natural Bridges State Beach, Santa Cruz California. Taken last summer on one of my seascape escapes,


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