Tuesday, September 6, 2016

On The Wings Of September

So far September has found me in stillness. I move slower through the day absorbing and observing. Everyday chores has transformed into ritual and my surrounding world and I are melding into one. This is not uncommon for me during this time of year for the season is inching towards the equinox and we will fall madly deeply into Autumnal bliss. I'm stretching Summer and will transition into Fall on Mabon when the decor internal and external will shift. As I continue to sit and ponder the days before the wheel takes another turn, I have my camera ready for there is beauty all around which I love to share with you.


  1. I, too, find myself slowing down... and watching... waiting for what The Wheel will bring... Some of our trees have started changing their leaves a bit early, and yesterday I noticed some flocks of birds making their way south. On the wings of September, indeed.

    Love, love, love your photos. ♥

  2. I feel as though I am ramping up and gaining some momentum. I'm ready to go out and do things, see things, and dust my good camera off to capture the season as it turns on that wonderful wheel.

    I can't wait to see what you capture, you've already caught so many beautiful things and this blog is no exception.

  3. The Bee and the Butterfly photos are wonderful, Holly. I know how hard it is to capture the butterfly, but you surely did. I look forward to seeing more of your Fall pictures. And so glad to hear you are deep in Autumnal bliss. :)


  4. So cute! Beautiful photos♥


  5. Beautiful post and photos. Isn't it awesome how so many of us feel this way all at once? It's really something. Some years I find myself missing summer. It's usually when I have done so many summer activities. Last year I was sad to let summer go. This year I'm excited about fall :)

  6. Love your photos!
    Here in AZ we have to move slowly through the summer and once it's over it's time to breathe again..at least that's how I feel:-)
    Now that Autumn is on its way I feel like doing more.
    I loved reading this post, thanks for sharing.



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