Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Night Sky Is Ablaze

I rushed to the kitchen window to view a sunset with a different hue than most nights. I grabbed the camera and walked outside to stare at awe at the sunset. 

As I was snapping photos, plane after plane flew over the sky from the nearby airport. They are headed northwest to Yolo county, and the beauty of the moment faded quickly. It is fire season in California,


  1. Wow What a stunning sunset! Thank you for sharing ♥

  2. Holly, I had to get a dose of peace with all the hectic days leading up to the wedding, and this post is just what I needed. Such a beautiful picture of the sunset. And what a cool pic this is of the plane!

    Lovin' these "picture a day" posts.


  3. My god, that is the perfect picture of a sunset - so beautiful! Well done!

  4. Beautiful! I love these photos, they are wonderful!