Tuesday, August 2, 2016

A Garden Update

Originally I had planted four tomatoes plants and the one on the end near the sprinkler is still producing, while the others have dried up. I think it's prime location next to water had something to do with it. This is one plant with it's limbs creeping.
 Here I upcycled and old bunk bed latter into a plant triage. Hopefully the sun to shade ratio while help them recuperate. Current patients are butterfly sage, jalapenos, aloe vera, artisan lettuce, and key lime plant.
 The tomatillos in the striped pot and strawberry plant in the hanging planter were moved from the tire garden because the heat produced in the rubber was not good for the plants.
 I planted my aloes in the tub garden and have plans to make a desert-scape with succulents and cactus. The brick border holds english lavender, and the boy fountain has a kitchen grown onion in it. 
 So now I have two empty garden sections, Some research needs to be done to see what can withstand heat in rubber tires. I'm thinking of growing a magical herb garden to add to my boticario.
 These barrels will need a canopy or maybe decorative umbrellas to provide some shade. This morning I imagined being in Italy and stomping grapes.
 The Park Bench area is finally done, and mostly enjoyed from the golden hour to sunset after dinner. I'm glad I got out early this morning and went to work in the yard. Butterflies, birds, and an array of insects joined me in a euphoric celebration of August & Lammas.


  1. Your garden is beautiful ♥


  2. Gorgeous! I love this garden area. Despite some of it being 'fried' by the sun as you said it still looks so beautiful and full of life. <3 And the bench area is adorable.

    1. I tossed the sun fried plants into the green bin, this is the remainders.

  3. Oh, that bench looks so relaxing. What a great area to appreciate all things in nature. There's nothing like home grown tomatoes, is there?




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