Tuesday, November 3, 2015

This is Halloween 2015

 On Friday {M} turned 5 and wow I don't know where the time has went since I gave birth to him. We celebrated by having a Halloween Birthday Bash. It was a great event with may spooky foods, treats, and games. I will have to give you a verbal run down since I didn't have time to take photo's ( a blogger nightmare for sure). The menu consisted of hot dogs, nachos and pizza. Punch with floating eyeballs, cake, orange & purple cupcakes, veggie tray with ranch in a small pumpkin, watermelon jack o lantern fruit salad were a few eats. We also had Monster bowling, Flying Ghost and Eyeball Toss as games.

We used sharpie to decorate mandarins. This was really fun, we filled a whole bowl.

                      The Law & Renaissance Man                              {S} & {E}                                          

 {S} on the left, {E} sitting next to him, {L}in all white, and {M} ninja on the top row. The rest are my nieces and nephews.

 The whole trick or treat crew! We were quite a parade going up and down the blocks. They night continued with outdoor viewings of "The Nightmare Before Christmas" & "Labyrinth" around a warm glowing Hallow fire.

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  1. I love the idea of decorating mandarins. It's silly, but I never realized how much they look like pumpkins. The Little Princess is going to love this.

    You guys look wonderful!

    I hope the birthday boy got many many many presents and huts. :-)



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