Thursday, August 6, 2015

On a Citrus Note

Day 5 : CITRUS

 This talavera pot caught my eye yesterday with it's bold citrus hues and beautiful flowers. I held my composure and decided that I maybe I will create my own since I have tons of plastic black landscaper pots lying around.

Here is my own talavera type fruit bowl and bowls I picked up at the Goodwill to match the dashes of blue paint I added to the kitchen.


 Call me oldschool, even though my phone and computer have a schedule and calendar I still prefer to jot down the day in my agenda. since grade school I always carried one.

A little note from my daily notebook, the big one that holds everything and yet is not so full as I share my life's pages with you here.


  1. I love this. It is fun to see all of your photos posted. That is a great way to do it. Bravo!

  2. Oh, I love what you wrote in your notebookl. Thank you, Holly. I'm old school too, and still write in my calendar with all the birthdays and events for the year. Your blue bowls are pretty. There's always a thing or two at Goodwill that catches our eye. :~)

    Have a great week.

    love, ~Sheri



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