Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beach House Welcome

I've slowly been transitioning my house from hum drum to coastal beach house flare. Little disclaimer " I am nowhere near the beach and live in the hot dry Sacramento Valley" , but hey a girl can dream. Paint lately has been my means of fun and expression now that crazy mercury retrograde has left the building.

So lets start off with this paint that has been sitting around in storage for about 2 years. It was originally purchased for our beachy bathroom makeover but was a little to dark for my taste. I finally popped the top and added it to a piece of plywood I rescued from the fire pit.

I used stencils from Walmart craft section to do the lettering & hot glued the shells on. Twine was added for hanging.

Welcome to Casa Sol Y Luna . I found this lovely rocking chair at the Goodwill for $8.00 (score). Stay tuned for more paint and home improvement projects.


  1. What a lovely aqua shade of paint, you should totally use on more stuff!

  2. Cute sign, and I looooove that pillow and rocker. I look forward to seeing more of your paint projects!




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