Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break ....Breakdown

Oh how nice of the public school system to give students two weeks off for spring break/vacation. "We will have so much time to spend with the kids to bond and vacation as a family",they say. Are there really family's out there that have it all together all the time and it's bliss and butterflies all day? Well sorry for the heavy dose of sarcasm but it is day 1 and the kids already broke me and honey this is in no way a vacation. Just keeping it real folks, I'm a 24/7  mom and I feel like heading for the hills..literally.

Perhaps we need a change of scenery, an adventure, wide open space to be wild. Camping sounds camping sounds great. Mental bubble just burst over my head, weather still a little chilly, hubby still has to work, etc, etc, etc. What really makes a camping experience anyway? A tent, fire, nature, crafts, stories, food...wait a minute, seems all this could possibly lie outside my backdoor! The gray clouds seems to have parted just a little. Camp  Sol Y Luna (aka this little homestead ) sounds very interesting. I have planning and Pinterest perusing to do. If you don't hear from me in a few days don't bother sending a search party these darling children of mine are carnivores and have the ability to consume me whole.

~ A side note worth reading ~

Seriously folks I love my children and would do anything for them. This rant is way of sneaking off for a few minutes, locking my door and getting out my current frustration. In the process an" aha moment "occurred and I'm excited to pull it all together. If you feel me can I get a hallelujah, now get back to parenting, where not on vacation  (wink).

P.S. If anyone knows of free or low cost things to do in Sacramento during these next two weeks...hook a mama up with the info. Thanks in advance.


  1. Holly,
    A camp out in the back yard sounds like a great idea. I really admire you being with the kids all the time. It is what I did myself, and Yes, some days are tiring, but wouldn't trade them for anything. You will look back some day, and be very pleased that you spent so much time with your little ones. Hey, what about old town Sac? It doesn't cost a thing to just walk the charming streets of old town. I was just there with husband and had a great time in downtown and mid-town.


  2. you have a very large backyard, perfect for camping out! kids are often a little 'fidgety' themselves when they start a vacation period, and suddenly have all that free time they coveted, but that needs to be used!



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