Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Recycled Banner

 Last month  my youngest daughter turned 9 and had a camp out sleepover with a slight "One Direction" theme to it. Party supply stores are brimming with decor for any theme and occasion but they come at a hefty price at check out.  I started my wheels turning and went about the house collecting my recycled supplies. Here's what I made with what I found already on hand.

I had a few granola bar and caprisun boxes crushed and ready for the recycling bin so I decided the reverse non printed side would be good for my project.

I used a ruler to measure out triangles for the banner. This method made  two different sized triangles, the longer ones were used as labels wrapped around mason jars filled with make your own trail mix ingredients. (sorry I don't have a photo of that one)

After all the triangles are cut , I added letter stickers from the dollar store to spell out "Camp 1D". I used two different lengths of twine to hot glue the triangles onto. The middle triangle on the bottom has a picture of "One Direction"  I tore out from one of my daughters  magazines and glued on.
Here's the finished product.

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