Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Haunted Humpday ~ Pumpkin Carvings

What a chilly start to the day, I had to throw on a sweater first thing in the morning. Rain is expected today so for dinner I'm going to try the  Tilapia Chowder recipe from Rachael  Ray's magazine EveryDay. Possibly a homemade pumpkin pie for dessert.

Yesterday I bought my first pumpkin and ornamental gourds. I'll post my decor next week. Do you carve your pumpkins or just use them as decor? I like to carry on Jack O Lantern carving to my kids, so we carve and get messy! Thinking about the upcoming carving time  inspired me to check out the talents of those who really craft and create to the extreme. So now on to extreme crazy pumpkin carvings.

Which are your favorites? Head on over to Incipient Wings to see what others are up to on this Haunted Humpday.


  1. Wow, what brilliant Halloween Carvings. That house in the bottom picture looks magical with all the lit pumpkins outside. Don't see anything like that in the UK.

  2. Awesome photos!
    As much as we try ours always look the same old classic , but we still ooh and ahh over it once its lit, lol!
    Thank you:)

  3. What a collection, I'm sitting here with my children and all they can say is oh this and ahh with raised eyebrows!

  4. These are amazing...I have never seen such perfect carving before.

  5. I always mean to carve but some years I end up pulling out the markers.
    Our state parks do wonderful displays of carved pumpkins. Some of them are are my blog right now, from past years.

  6. These pumpkins are so creative. Every year, we have a pumpkin carving contest, and the winner gets the sparkly pumpkin. It must have taken so much time to carve these.


  7. Sorry folks the links are missing in these pictures of pumpkins, they are from around the internet not one's I have carved myself. I apologize if this was misleading.

  8. Hahaha I enjoyed browsing for these awesome Pumpkin Carving Ideas. I hope it’s fine with you that I could pin them on my Pinterest board. I’m so sure my followers would be happy to see these interesting photos. Keep sharing! :D



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